The Compound Effect and How to Change Your Life With Small Choices

Making radical changes to your routine might sound tempting, but in most cases this tactic leads to burnout. How can you make noticeable progress without going on and off your routine? Why is it important to get an idea of what you’re currently doing on a daily basis? How can you keep yourself motivated with a routine that takes time to see its fruits? In this episode, we talk about the compound effect and why small, consistent choices offer the fastest path to success.

The dip between taking consistent action and getting consistent results is going to be 6 months, and half the battle is just knowing that. -Matt Johnson

Three Things We Learned

Track and measure your productivity and habits

You can’t improve what you don’t understand entirely. Track your behaviors for one week, as this gives you a starting point and a better understanding about what makes you unproductive and what brings clients.

Consistent actions are more effective than radical changes

Find daily actions that can be done even if you have to deal with the unexpected. This way, you get consistent with your work and increase your chances of sticking to a work routine that might remain the same for years, as opposed to making radical chances that will lead to burnout and you quitting a few weeks later.

Celebrate your wins

Radical changes to your routine might sound tempting, but the small changes are the ones that are more likely to stick with you. And because small tweaks take time to pay off, you have to remind yourself daily that you’re one step closer to your goals. You can do so by emailing your daily report to an accountability partner or just write down all of the tasks you completed on that day.


Don’t let yourself believe that small changes aren’t enough to change the big picture. Over time, the small tweaks we make are more likely to bring results because we’re more likely to stick to a relaxed routine compared to a work schedule that we hate. But a relaxed schedule isn’t the only thing that make us more likely to stick with something in the long run. The people we work with have the same effect as well. We’re more likely to feel energetic and motivated if we get more picky about those we allow into our lives.

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