How to Change Your Mindset So You Can Change Your Life w/Jeff Coats

When something goes wrong in our lives, how we bounce back from it depends on how we handle the fall out. How do we get ourselves unstuck from wallowing and feeling bad about ourselves? What steps can we take to get out of the low? What can you do to change your mindset? On this episode, Jeff Coats shares on his book, the lessons he learned from his time in prison, and how he’s applying it to his life and business.

You can take control of your life by setting and accomplishing your goals and being dedicated to those goals and yourself. -Jeff Coats  

Three Takeaways

Acceptance should come before any action

Before we can take any action towards making a change in our lives, we have to accept the situation, accept that something is not working, and accept the part we played in making it happen.

How to avoid wallowing for too long

When something isn’t going well, we go through the grief cycle. While it’s easy to get stuck in that for too long, we have to force ourselves to get out of it quickly. The faster we start taking action towards recovering, the faster we’ll be back on our feet.

The importance of taking responsibility

Usually when things don’t go our way, our first reaction is to blame it on someone else, but what we should do is take responsibility. You have to admit to yourself that you have a hand in the failure. If you’re not getting any results, see your role in it and then do something about it.


The results we get in our lives will always reveal if we’re taking the right actions and nurturing the right mindsets. So if we’re not getting what we want, we have to tweak what we’re doing and thinking. We play a huge part in what happens in our lives, and the good thing about being responsible for our failure is that we are also responsible for our successes if we turn things around.

Guest Bio

Jeff Coats is an entrepreneur, speaker and author of Res3t: 8 Principles Guaranteed to Change Your Mindset In Order to Change Your Life. Jeff was incarcerated at the age of 14 and sent to adult prison for 17 years. Released in 2011, he quickly became a successful real estate broker. This book covers his story (and the stories of others who have succeeded against all odds), told through the perspective of a life philosophy that emphasizes changing your mindset to change your life. Drawing from his own experiences, Jeff has introduced 8 principles for living a better life—a life that puts you on the path to achieving your biggest goals. Go to for more information and to buy the book.

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