How Can I Sell A House Fast?

The process of selling a house may be nerve-wracking for some people, and if you are up against a certain deadline, it can be even more difficult. There are a few strategies that you can use to increase the marketability of your home, decrease the amount of time it spends on the market, and attract strong offers. Whether you need to sell quickly for a new job, for financial reasons, or because of a personal situation, you can use these strategies. This article will explain how to sell my house fast. 


1. Make sure it's clean, and get rid of any clutter

When time is of the essence, one of the most important things you can do to sell a house fast is to ensure that the inside of your property is appealing to the widest possible audience of prospective purchasers.

Invest in a storage facility and clear out any superfluous possessions or huge pieces of furniture that are contributing to the appearance that the space is cluttered, tiny, or disorganized.

Put some orders into the closets. Buyers are interested in purchasing a home with ample storage space, therefore it is quite likely that they will investigate the pantry, closets, and other storage rooms. Do not over stuff your closets with unnecessary possessions; rather, allow sufficient headroom to create the appearance that the house has a sufficient amount of storage space and help you to sell a house fast. After all, in the Realiff report about Consumer Housing Trends for 2018, 64 percent of buyers indicated that having enough storage space was either extremely or very essential to them.

Buyers are easily distracted and prevented from visualizing themselves living in the property when they are presented with personal goods such as photographs of the family, souvenirs, and religious objects.

Complete a thorough cleaning of each and every room in the house, paying special attention to the baseboards, cabinets, tile, and carpets. Because you are running out of time, you might think about getting some help from experts. 


2. Decide on a method of marketing your product

When determining how to market your house for sale, you have several conventional sales choices to choose from, including selling for sale by owner (also known as FSBO) or working with a real estate agent, in addition to a few alternative possibilities. 



You will avoid the three percent commission that you would have paid to your own agent if you sold the property on your own, but you will still have to pay three percent to the agency representing the buyer. This is one of the primary advantages of selling the house on your own. However, if you want to sell your house fast on your own, you will need to be ready to bargain like a professional. 

You should be prepared to negotiate the deadlines for escrow, juggle the paperwork associated with the contract, and consult an attorney to ensure that all of the documents are filled out correctly. If you need to sell your house fast, it is extremely crucial that you be familiar with the ins and outs of the process.


Recruit an agent

One advantage of working with a professional real estate agent is that they are familiar with the processes necessary to move a home swiftly in the market where you live. They will simplify processes such as the preparation work for contracts, discussions, signing, and closure. It goes without saying that you will be required to compensate them for their services with a fee of 3%. 


Alternative strategies for selling a house fast

Consider using one of the following alternate tactics if you need to sell a house fast but don't want to go through the hassle of preparing it first:

Purchase from an investor. There are a great many reasons why selling to an investor could be a good fit; nevertheless, you should be aware that there might be some possible drawbacks to consider.

Sell to a developer. In most cases, the only circumstance in which this choice is viable is if the house in question is a teardown or if it sits on a sizable lot.

Put it up for sale at an auction. You can sell a house more quickly at an auction, but the amount you get for it is likely to be lower than what it would sell for on the local market.


3. Price to sell

The Realiff Group Report found that 21 percent of sellers that the most difficult obstacle they faced was selling their home within the time period that they wished. Even if you are selling in a seller's market, which is when there are numerous buyers fighting for a limited supply of houses, there is no assurance that you can sell a house fast.

Setting a price for your house that is competitive with other homes on the market is one thing that may really help speed up the selling process. If you overprice your product, it will spend more time on the market, which will ultimately result in a lower selling price for you; the only difference is that it will take you longer to get there. 

You might even want to price your house a bit lower than comparable properties in your region in order to generate more interest and start a bidding battle when you put it up for sale. The success of this technique will be determined by the condition of the real estate market in your region as well as by the rate at which properties are now selling. 

When deciding on a price, it is a good idea to take into account the range of prices that the vast majority of potential purchasers in your region are looking for. If you offer your property for sale for $399,000, for instance, it will appear in search results for those who are seeking for properties priced at less than $400,000 in that price range. If you set the price at merely $405,000, however, it will not appear in their search results at all. 


Establish a timetable for the reduction in pricing

Take a close look at your timetable before you put your house for sale, and pick a day to consider lowering your asking price if you haven't gotten any bids by that time. You should at least have a date in mind, but the amount of the discount is something that may be established later on because it is subject to vary depending on the feedback you receive from the house tours. And when that moment does arrive, it is in your best interest to move promptly. Your chances of selling your house for the asking price decrease proportionately with the amount of time it spends on the market.


Consider sales incentives

If you are selling your house in a market that is slow and you know that it will be difficult to sell, either because it has an uncommon feature or because you are selling it during a slow market, it may be worthwhile to offer potential buyers incentives to make the deal more appealing to them. Some examples of this might include granting credits for upfront repairs or improvements, covering the buyer's closing fees, or including goods like appliances, which aren't normally included in a sale. 


4. Attend any necessary emergency repairs

Even though you don't have time for extensive renovations, it's still necessary to take care of any little improvements that might turn off potential purchasers, such as the following:

  • Repair any areas where the paint has chipped or been scraped.
  • Fix loose tiles.
  • Repair loose door knobs.
  • Fix faucets that are dripping.


You might also want to consider making a few modest improvements to your property in order to improve its marketability, such as the following:

  • Inside, give everything a new layer of paint.
  • Change out the cabinet hardware in both the kitchen and the bathroom.
  • Remove and replace any lighting that is worn out or out of date.
  • Invest in a set of coordinating and more recent appliances.


5. Stage and add to the attraction of the entrance

No matter how much time you have, any homeowner who is selling their house may benefit from spending a weekend freshening up the inside and outside of their property. After all, it is quite important to make a positive initial impression on potential customers. The Realiff Group Report found that around 45 percent of recent purchasers indicated having the home staged is very, very, or somewhat significant to their home-buying decision. These buyers rated the importance of having the property staged as either extremely, very, or slightly. And one more thing: twenty-nine percent of sellers reported that one of the things they did before advertising their home was landscape their yard.


Prepare your belongings and find a stager

When it comes to real estate sales, staging is a frequent strategy, especially if you are seeking strategies to sell a house fast. The use of staging helps define areas and gives the appearance that rooms are larger than they are. It is highly recommended that you place all of your stuff into storage if you want to get through this procedure more quickly. A professional stager will bring their own furniture and decorations into your house, arranging them in a way that draws attention to the most attractive aspects of your property and creates an atmosphere that is cosy and inviting.


Create curb appeal

It is crucial for the outside of your home to seem inviting, well-maintained, and clean because this is the first impression that potential buyers will get of your property when they come to look at it in person. The following are some suggestions that might help you sell your home more quickly by improving its curb appeal. And if time is of the essence, you might want to think about employing a professional landscaper who can make rapid work of the following chores:

  • Perform maintenance on overgrown tree branches, hedges, and plants.
  • Make sure all pathways and routes are clear.
  • Windows and door knobs should both be cleaned.
  • Clear away any garbage and spiderwebs that have accumulated on the front porch.
  • Fix any lights or mailboxes that are broken.
  • The entrance door should be painted.
  • Grow some flowers.


6. Make use of the services of a qualified professional photographer

It can seem easier (and less expensive) to just snap a few images of your property using your phone, but if the photos you post for the listing aren't great, your house might end up being on the market for long.

It only costs a few hundred dollars to have professional real estate photos taken, and if you work with a real estate agent that offers full service, they may even include the photographs as part of their package of services. Find out whether the photographer or real estate agent you're working with provides a 3D virtual tour of the house. 

Before any photographs are taken, check to see that your home has adequate lighting. Throw open the drapes, upgrade to new light bulbs or fixtures, and throw open the windows to let in as much natural light as you can. In addition, this is a recommended procedure for listing appointments! 


7. Compose an excellent description for the listing

After you have decided on a price to market your home for and ensured that everything is in working order, the next step is to compose a listing description that will facilitate a quicker sale of your house. This is of the utmost significance if you are selling your goods on your own. It is likely that the description will be written by the agent that you work with, but it is critical that you be aware of the elements that constitute an effective listing description.

  • In the listing description for your house, emphasise its most appealing qualities by emphasising certain keywords that purchasers would find particularly useful.
  • Include any and all aspects that contribute to the desirability of your community, such as the school district, the closeness to public transit, or the local restaurants and parks.
  • Include a feeling of urgency. For instance, you may say something like "All proposals must be submitted by [DATE]."
  • Make sure you use your most professional photographs.


Where to publish your advertisement

You are able to publish your own listing to Realiff  if you are selling a property by yourself (FSBO).  If you work with an agent, they will submit your listing to the local multiple listing service (MLS), which will then be indexed on Realiff websites.

If you don't already have a real estate agent, you can pay a fixed fee to someone else to have your house uploaded to the local MLS on your behalf. In this particular scenario, your name will be placed as the primary point of contact for any and all questions. 

You may also publish your listing on social media (either via the help of friends and family or through sponsored placements) and distribute brochures and posters all over your neighbourhood if you choose the FSBO route or sell your house with an agent.


8. Set the perfect timing for your sell

Realiff Team recommends that you put your house on the market on a Saturday during the first part of May if you want to get the most out of it. Homes that were put up for sale during this time frame sold an average of six days faster and for an additional one thousand and six hundred dollars. 

If you need to sell a house fast yet the peak selling period is something that is somewhat dependent on the real estate market in your region, then you should look into the information that is available for your location.


9. Be adaptable with regard to showings

When the speedy sale of your house is the primary objective, it is critical to be as cooperative with showing requests as is humanly feasible. Yes, last-minute showings might throw your schedule into a loop, but if potential buyers can't view the house for themselves, they won't be interested in purchasing it. If you are unwilling to work around the schedules of potential buyers, there is a good chance that your house will remain on the market for an extended period of time.


Hold an open house

If you want to sell a house fast, you really need to hold an open house over the weekend at the appropriate time. It is the simplest technique to attract a large number of customers to your establishment. Be sure to have everything ready in advance; this includes cleaning the house, putting together an arrangement of fresh flowers, providing a few tasty treats, and putting together flyers that potential purchasers may take with them after their tour. 


Personal viewings only

Buyers who request a private showing may have never been inside your property before, or they may have stopped by your open house and are now coming back for a more in-depth examination. As was noted earlier, it is essential to exhibit your property in a manner that is as accommodating as is humanly possible. This includes keeping your home in tour-ready condition at all times of the day and night.

If you plan to sell your home "for sale by owner," you should be prepared to provide tours yourself. If you are dealing with an agency, they ought to either provide a tour on your behalf or install a lockbox that can only be accessed by the buyer's agent. Because it may cause potential purchasers to feel uneasy, the seller should, if at all feasible, refrain from attending the showing.


Realiff helps you to sell a house fast

Your initial move was to select the ideal representative for you. A Realtor who has experience working in your community will be able to advise you on how to make your house more desirable to those who might be interested in purchasing it. Realiff has a lot of expertise working in this industry.


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