Is it allowed in California to give commission rebates?

The short answer is yes. Commission rebates are permissible in Los Angeles and throughout California.

Some agencies may inform you that they are unable to pay an unlicensed person, which is normally accurate unless you are the buyer and are receiving a refund. A buyer commission rebate or commission refund is tremendously beneficial to the customer, and it is permitted in California and 39 other states. The Department of Justice has also advocated rebates.

Is it necessary for me to pay income taxes on the rebate? Will I receive 1099?

Realiff is not permitted to give tax advice. Always consult with your accountant or tax counselor about your individual situation. Having said that, the IRS has issued a private letter ruling noting that refunds are generally viewed as a reduction in the cost basis of the property, and so Realiff is not obligated to issue 1099s to buyers.

Is it allowed in California to give commission rebates?
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