I'm buying a house cash and using the seller's agent. Is there anything I should look out for?

yes absolutely, Check to see when the house was last sold. If the seller has only lived in the house for a few months or less, you should inquire as to why they are selling so rapidly.


Examine the house's construction materials. Concrete houses, particularly those with steel frames, are considered non-standard construction, and many mortgage lenders refuse to finance them because of a variety of possible flaws. If you plan to buy a concrete home with cash, you need to have a professional survey done.

Yes, you can use the sellers agent. Just understand the seller Is the only one

being represented. As a member of the Realtor’s Association the realtor is 

obligated to present you with all the 

standard documents & addendums 

that pertain to the sale and adhere to 

all laws that pertain with the highest 

standard of integrity.