Should you go with a discount or a full-service agent?

If you want to be safe, hire a full-service agent. It's difficult to find a discount agentwith a strong track record of success. Selling your home is a serious business. Realtors who work with full-service brokerages are more capable of selling your home for top dollar due to extensive marketing and networks.

That's not to say that no one has ever had a successful home sale with a discount agent. Perhaps you are an expert in marketing and only want to pay a discount brokerage agent to handle the paperwork.

That's a promising scenario, but most people aren't as skilled in real estate marketing as a real estate professional. It has been proven that a top real estate professional can net a 6% higher selling price than a rookie agent and a 16% higher price than selling the home for sale by owner (FSBO). The higher selling price more than compensates for the lower commission from a discount agent.


What is the best decision for you?

The best option is to use REALIFF to find a full-service agentat a discounted rate. Our service matches home sellers with top local full-service agents who compete for your listing.

Because these agents are aware that they are competing with other top agents, they work harder to earn your business. They provide competitive rates and high levels of service. Some agents will lower their commission while still providing full service, which is typical of a discount agent. In short, you get the best deal possible without compromising.

Should you go with a discount or a full-service agent?
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