The Best Tips and Insights from 300 Episodes!, Ep. 300

In today’s special episode we are celebrating our 300th episode! We are going to be talking about some best tips and insights that we have uncovered in almost 300 episodes of The Target Market Insight Podcast, and in addition to that, I will share a little background of this podcast show and how I got into multifamily. 


So let’s jump into it!


[00:01 – 08:22] Opening Segment 

  • I share brief information about today’s topic.
  • I share a little background about The Target Market Insights Podcast show.
  • This show is really geared towards helping anyone figure out how to invest in multifamily whether you are an active investor or passive investor.
  • What made me really adamant about getting its multifamily and getting to the point where I wanted to launch the show.
  • I talk about the current focus of our company.


[08:23 – 17:21] Episode 300; Key Insights That We’ve been able to Uncover

  • Five episodes that really stand out to me.
    • How to create SOP for your business with John D. Saunders, Ep. 141
    • How to Create Content that Converts with Robert Bly, Ep. 175
    • Emerging Markets and Underwriting Tips with Brian Burke, Ep. 80
    • Secrets to Growing Your Social Following with Jasmine Star, Ep. 209
    • From Handyman to $1.5 Billion in Multifamily with Alvin Hope Johnson, Ep. 235
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[16:51 – 35:04] Three Most Stands Out areas of The Bull’s eye round

  • Please share with me one thing that you have learned from any of the episodes.
  • Final words from me.

Tweetable Quotes:

“This show is geared towards helping anyone figure out how to invest in multifamily whether you are an active investor or passive investor.” – John Casmon


“The people who are the happiest and peaceful start with gratitude.” – John Casmon


“Wake up a little bit earlier and take a moment to sit, exercise, and reflect.” – John Casmon


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