How to scale your personal and professional life on your path to financial freedom with Lou Cardillo.

Sure, you want to create wealth and live life on your own terms. But how do you achieve it? What must you do to get there, and how do you create systems to free up your time? Surprisingly, less can actually be more. In this weeks podcast Lou Cardillo shares how he achieved freedom from day-to-day financial worries and was able to put the right people in place to manage his business. He also shares what his life has been like since scaling his business aka working on his business and not in it. Surprisingly, it’s not what you may expect. Lou’s story differs remarkably from previous success stories because he landed in real estate via a late night infomercial (maybe this happens more than people really admit). In fact, his brutal honesty is truly refreshing. He’s not afraid of detailing how he’s learned from his failures and welcomes new ones. This straightforward approach to real estate opened our eyes to some new streams of income that we did not know existed. Lou reminds us of one amazing truth…and that is, the countless ways that anyone can reach financial freedom in real estate. In this episode you will discover: • How to scale your business. • Exactly how Lou achieved financial freedom. • How failure is the best teacher. • How success leaves clues. • The value of a great team. • How to jump in when everyone else is afraid. • The power of positive attitude. • How the truly successful structure their time. • The effect of quality over quantity. • Continuous education on the go. • How to stay grounded when success finally shows up. • Time leverage. • Life after financial freedom and much more!

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