Start Viewing Failure as a Form of FUEL: John Dessauer On Using Our Mistakes to Propel Us Forward

We’ve been trained to fear failure like the plague, but the truth is, we should be seeing it as a force that can propel us forwards.


That being said, changing our perceptions of failure is easier said than done, so how can we flip what we’ve always known on its head? Is there a right or wrong way to fail in our businesses?


In this episode, Managing Broker at Anton Agency, John Dessauer shares how to see failure as a kind of fuel. 


Three Things You’ll Learn in This Episode 


  • How to break free from the fear of failure How can we stop trying to avoid failure altogether and accept that it's an inevitable part of life? 


  • Why taking action will always benefit us Is there ever a time when inaction will do more to help us reach our goals? 


  • How to encourage our agents to take more risks Oftentimes, our agents and employees are scared that taking risks could land them in trouble. How can we empower them with the permission to make mistakes?


Guest Bio


John Dessauer is the Managing Broker/Owner at Anton Agency and the Chief Creative Officer at RealWise by The Dessauer Group. A seasoned entrepreneur, John is also the CEO of Oppenheimer Realty Capital, and is the author of two books, Real Estate H20 and The Alchemy of Wealth, and the former host of Making Millions in Real Estate on XM Satellite Radio.


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