3 Posts That Guarantee Social Media Success w/Monica Weakley

Building a social media presence is a vital part of a successful real estate business, but many of us shy away from it. What’s stopping us from posting consistently and making the most of everything online platforms have to offer? 

For many agents, the reluctance comes from simply not knowing what to post. 

How can we create content that resonates with our audiences and ultimately brings us business, and what do those posts look like? Can we bring attention to our craft without coming off as annoying and salesy?

In this episode, Monica Weakley, Founder of My Coach, Monica, shares the 3 posts agents need to master. 


Don't let your fear of social media be the reason you don't succeed. -Monica Weakley


Three Things You’ll Learn in This Episode

  • What makes real estate engagement surveys so effective When it comes to real estate, everyone has an opinion, so take advantage of that. Post questions asking the audience what they think about interior design and different types of homes to get a conversation started. 
  • How to leverage our industry expertiseAs real estate professionals, we often forget that not everyone knows as much about the industry as we do. Use social media to inform the audience. 
  • How to create funny content that brings attention to our services Everyone likes to laugh, so it’s important to share some lighthearted posts alongside industry knowledge. Bad MLS photos and details of failed inspections are a great way to keep the audience amused while reminding them we’re in the real estate space.


Guest Bio

Monica Weakley is the Founder of My Coach, Monica. She is passionate about real estate, and prior to entering the coaching space, she was the owner and lead agent of The Weakly Team. She was also Team Leader at Keller Williams Advisors’ market center for 5 years, where she trained agents to build successful businesses of their own. Today, Monica helps agents overcome their fears of social media through GhostPostr, a platform designed to make Facebook posting easier. 


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