The Fool-Proof Formula that Guarantees Referrals w/Monica Weakley

For many of us, the thought of a referral-based business sounds too good to be true, but it doesn’t need to be. We can create a predictable income stream from referrals if we learn the formula to do it.


Recommending our businesses can take more effort than we sometimes realize. If we want to benefit from more regular referrals, we have to understand what motivates people to give them in the first place. 


What makes people more likely to suggest our services to others? Which actions do we need to be more consistent with to increase our chances of referrals? 


In this episode, Monica Weakley, Founder of My Coach, Monica, returns to share her formula for more referrals. 


It takes some effort for somebody to give a referral, so you have to get them to want to be a part of that. -Monica Weakley


Three Things You’ll Learn in This Episode


How to increase our likelihood of referrals: Be personable and professional. For someone to refer our services, they need to be genuinely invested in our success and absolutely certain that we will deliver. 


How to become likable in the eyes of potential referees: People are more likely to refer those they have personal relationships with, so show up for them. Simply liking their Facebook posts or reaching out for a personal conversation is a great way to build the right connections. 



What to post on social media to encourage more referral business:Only posting jokes online won’t let anyone know we’re open for business, while exclusively business-related posts won’t make us likable. Strike a balance and alternate content.



Guest Bio: Monica Weakley is the Founder of My Coach, Monica. After spending 18 years as an agent, Monica has spent the last 3 helping salespeople grow their businesses through relationships. She also helps agents overcome their fears of social media through GhostPostr, a membership program designed to make Facebook posting easier.


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