How to Use Social Media to Generate Sales w/David Greenspan

A lot of Realtors don’t really understand where their business is coming from or who their main audience is, and many who are active on social media are not generating sales from it. What does it take to connect with people and build real relationships online? How can we get clients on social media without paying? How do we translate engagement and attention on social media into sales? In this episode, David Greenspan explains how we should be approaching social media to build our brand and give ourselves more opportunity.

If you’re on social media every day building a little bit of mindshare, the reality is the brand is building and you’re giving yourself more opportunity. -David Greenspan

Takeaways + Tactics

We have two main audiences: people we know and people we don’t know; and by continuing to build the relationships we have with people we can positively transform our business.


We need to be doing five things to build a good social media presence: make posts, like and react to other people’s posts, comment on other people’s posts, share other people’s posts, and send out friend requests or follow people.


We can best build relationships online by evoking emotion. It is the fun, silly, relatable content that generates responses, and we need to be having conversations in order to build relationships.


The types of education that are currently out there for Realtors teach a lot about the legalities and what to do when we sit down with a client, but they completely bypass how to get a client there in the first place. By consistently delivering the right message to the right audience via the right channel, we can have real conversations with people, take those conversations offline, and give ourselves more opportunity to make a sale.


Guest Bio

David Greenspan is the Vice President of KiTS (Keep-in-Touch Systems) and has been working with sales people and teams across Canada for nearly a decade, helping them build and grow MindShare. We see over 3,500 advertising messages a day, we notice six, and we retain two. As marketers, we create the noise, and then we spend every minute of our days trying to break through it. David, an expert in ‘WOW’ factor Keep-in-Touch marketing, shows audiences in a fun, energetic and down-to-earth way how to use the science behind marketing to make business come to you. His specialties are cross-channel marketing, concept, execution and variable data.


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