Full-Service Realtor or Discount Realtor: Which is Right for me?

Home buyers and sellers are constantly seeking ways to save money on their real estate transactions. Realtor commissions, for example, can quickly add up to thousands of dollars spent. That sum of money is enormous, and it is one of the main reasons why many people question if it is worthwhile to engage a full-service realtor rather than a budget realtor.

Many factors influence your decision to deal with a full-service or discount realtor. Both sorts of realtors give different services and offer different perks depending on your scenario. Let's look at the distinctions between the two so you can pick the best realtor for you.


What exactly is a Full-Service Realtor?

A full-service realtor is self-explanatory and just what you'd expect. They manage the full house buying and/or selling process from beginning to end. A full-service realtor will be available to guide their customers through every step of the transaction, from listing the property to promoting it to closing. A full-service realtor will be there to help their customer with whatever they require.

Full-service realtors are easy to find, as there are several well-known full-service brokerages around the county. Realiff Company makes this way easier for you.


What kind of services does a full-service realtor offer?

A full-service realtor offers a comprehensive variety of services to both buyers and sellers. Here are a few of the most prevalent when working with a full-service realtor.


For Buyers:

  • Inform buyers of any current, new, or impending listings in which they may be interested.
  • Determine any potential trouble areas in the residences that purchasers are interested in.
  • Make appointments for buyers to see suitable homes in private.
  • Investigate property valuations to ensure that purchasers are making the best possible offer.
  • Negotiate on behalf of the buyer, keeping the buyer's best interests in mind.
  • Assist purchasers in obtaining house financing and providing legal counsel.
  • If necessary, provide buyers with recommendations for home appraisal, home inspection, and contracting services.


For sellers:

  • Provide a comparative market analysis to assist in determining a reasonable listing price.
  • Provide advise to sellers on how to stage their home to attract potential purchasers.
  • Hiring a professional photographer to take high-quality listing images is a good idea.
  • Place the property on the local multiple listing service (MLS) and other home buying websites.
  • Organize and coordinate all property open houses.
  • Negotiate offers with potential purchasers on behalf of the seller.
  • Assist with all paperwork to ensure the seller is not held legally liable.


How much does it cost to hire a full-service realtor?

Buyers and sellers should expect to pay full-service commission rates when working with a full-service realtor. Costs for both the buyer and seller agents, or 5-6% in total, are typically around 2.5-3% in the traditional full-commision arrangement. While this proportion may appear little, depending on the residence, that percentage of the entire selling price might be fairly pricey.


When should you choose a full-service realtor?

Despite the increased commission, there is a reason why so many buyers and sellers prefer traditional, full-service realtors. Hiring a full-service agent is a terrific method to acquire the help you need if you don't have the time or are unfamiliar with real estate transactions. Having them on your side will give you piece of mind that your transaction is in capable hands.

Buyers and sellers who want to ensure that their transaction runs smoothly and on schedule without having to be engaged may want to consider hiring a full-service realtor. Full-service realtors are regarded for providing timely and efficient service. This indicates that the transaction will be handled with attention and will most likely be completed sooner. 

What exactly is a discount realtor?

Aside from the lower cost, bargain or discount realtors are not all that different from full-service realtors. Most bargain realtors continue to provide similar services to their consumers (if not exact). However, the number of services may vary based on the brokerage. Other brokerages may reduce the scope of their services or their level of involvement instead. This is what keeps their clients' fees inexpensive.

Traditional brokerage costs in Minneapolis, for example, can reach 6% of the sales price. The average co-brokering fee, which is given to cooperating selling agents, is often as low as 3.30%. As a result, listing agents earn far more than selling agents.

A realtor in Minneapolis was charging 4.5% for advertising, providing 2.5% to selling agents and keeping 2% for her company. After a client informed her that she would gladly pay 5% provided the agent would co-op 3% with the selling agent, the agent adjusted her advertising policy, calculating that she was still 2% less than the rate most other brokers charged.

How much does it cost to hire a discount realtor?

The main distinction between full-service realtors and a discount realtor is the lower commission fees. This is also by far the most appealing aspect. Discount realtors do not adhere to the typical 6% commission scheme used by full-service brokers. Instead, discount realtors will either charge a lower commission or a flat fee. These charges vary depending on the discount brokerage, the local market, and the services offered. 

What kind of services does a full-service realtor offer?

The majority of bargain realtors provide the same or equivalent services as full-service realtors. The services they provide are determined by the brokerage as well as the amount of demand of their clients. Some discount realtors, for example, may not be as interested in assisting their buyers in their property hunt. Others may reduce marketing expenditures, staging advice, or professional photography.

While buyers and sellers may have to do more of the work themselves, their efforts will be rewarded with a lower commission. Working with a full-service realtor can be a worthwhile decision if you are willing to do part of the work yourself.


When should you use a discount realtor?

If you are on a tight budget and want to save money on your next real estate transaction, a discount realtor is a way to go! Most bargain realtors will be able to provide you with the entire range of services for half the cost of a full-service realtor.

Discount realtors are also a good option for individuals who are interested in investing in real estate, are knowledgeable about the real estate world, and have the time to take on some of the tasks. Many investors who want to maximize their return from their transaction choose to engage with discount realtor to save money.

Before selecting a discount realtor, inquire about the services they offer and whether they provide full or limited services. If you are unfamiliar with real estate transactions or are new to them, Realiff provides as many services and as much help as possible in this way.



Which realtor type is right for you depends on your situation and what level of service you expect to have. If working with a discount realtor sounds like the savings savvy option you are looking for, contact Realiff today to connect with one of our experienced agents and find out how you can save big on your home sale or purchase!


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