Integrating Freedom into Your Business Model w/Bart Vickrey

Our work can sometimes consume us to the point where it becomes all that we do and think, and it is detrimental to not only our business but to the other areas of our lives. How can we create freedom within a business model? What kind of team works in this business model? How and where can we cut back on investments in order to hone in on the best ones? In this episode, Bart Vickrey explains what transitions, transformations and successes he had when he decided to shift his mindset from wanting more, to needing less.

What’s wrong with the systems, processes and philosophies that we follow is that once we have what we want, we still want more. -Bart Vickrey

Three Takeaways

The importance of a small, skilled team

It’s important to recognize what your skill set is and then build a team whose skills compensate for the skills you don’t have. When you have a small team it is easier to have a more personal professional environment which is valuable not only in the workplace, but with building client relationships as well.

How to scale back investments

When we have invested too much and need to scale back and focus, we need to consider two main things. The first is which investments do we like the least, and the second is which investments make the most geographical sense in terms of our base.

How to make the most of our database

We need to reconsider how we think about and approach our existing database. If we build personal relationships and show our vulnerability through a proper communication plan, we can retain more clients and generate more leads.


The real estate sales business is phenomenal, but the job of being a real estate agent is often not as great. Practices like cold-calling and door-knocking are part of what makes it tedious, and chasing commissions can often lead to overworking. We need to rethink our approach and consider cutting back in areas that are saturated, and really focus on adding value to our database in a more personal and vulnerable way. When we shift from chasing what we think happiness is to living a good life and having peace of mind, we can have a successful business and a balanced lifestyle.


Guest Bio

Bart Vickrey is the Founder of real estate guru website,, and has over 20 years of experience in the real estate industry. He built a team of incredible people that help service his clients at a very high level, and they've created systems that allow him to sell more real estate than anyone else in his market whilst working no more than 20 hours a week. Agents often work 60-70 hour weeks selling 10-20 homes a year, whereas Bart and his small team sold 151 homes last year working less than a third of those hours.

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