Stop Fearing Implementation! It's Time To Move Beyond Our Fears And Make Our Dreams A Reality w/Renee Williams

Most agents know what it’ll take to move the needle forward in their businesses, but the harsh reality is, most won’t follow through because they’re afraid of implementation.


How can we stop letting fear hold us back from making our dreams a reality, and is doing so even possible? Where do those fears stem from in the first place? 


In this episode, real estate operations and exit strategy coach, Renee Williams joins us to discuss how to push past our fears and just get started, already!


Three Things You’ll Learn in This Episode 


  • How to stop letting others’ opinions affect us Staying immune to haters and trolls is a necessity, but how do we actually do it? 


  • Why we need to stop seeing video content as optional How can we shift the way we see educational, consumable content, so we stop seeing it as an add-on and start seeing it as a non-negotiable? 


  • What to include in our social media marketing What do our audiences actually want to see and how can we get better at giving it to them?


Guest Bio

Renee Williams is a real estate operations and exit strategy coach, Founder of the Renee Williams Group, and host of the Agent Exit Podcast. A former loan officer and corporate strategy administrator turned investor, Realtor and business coach, Renee’s passion lies in helping women find their purpose and turn their dreams into reality at any age. 


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