How to Be the Change Your Market Wants to See w/Valerie Torelli

In real estate, we hear a lot about the grind and crushing it, but it may be time to shift our focus. Real estate is a people’s business, so wouldn’t it make more sense to pay attention to the people in our markets?


We must serve our communities, and often that has nothing to do with real estate. Sometimes, lending a helping hand to those in need is the best step we can take. Best of all, a helping hand regularly translates into business further down the line.


What can we do to be of service to our markets today? Is there a blanket solution that works in every context, or does our assistance always need to be tailored to where we are?


In this episode, owner and President of Torelli Realty, Valerie Torelli shares how she’s pivoted to be the change needed in her market, and how we can follow suit.


Three Things You’ll Learn in This Episode 

  • The importance of giving without expectation When we give without expecting anything in return, we send out great energy and that will inevitably come back to us in some way. However, it's important to go into giving with the right intentions.
  • How to stay personal in every interaction There's nothing more insulting than showing up and giving someone a valuation of their property before listening to their motivations for selling. This is a persons' home: treat it with the respect it deserves, stay mindful of the emotions attached to it, and listen.
  • Why scripts often do more harm than good Scripts are great as a guideline, but they can become a breeding ground for inauthenticity fast. We have to lean into real conversations, and if sticking to a script is stopping us from really listening, we might be better off tossing them aside.


Guest Bio


Valerie Torelli is the owner and President of Torelli Realty. With over 3 decades in the business, Valerie is an industry veteran, and in addition to building the #1 real estate company in Costa Mesa, Valerie's drive to create a business grounded in community has turned the company into a fixture in the market. Torelli Realty regularly hosts events and sponsors local schools and organizations to show its commitment to space. Passionate about giving back to the entire community, in response to COVID-19, in early 2020 Valerie and her team put a 3-month pause on real estate to focus on providing service to elderly members of the community.


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