How do I go about negotiating a buyer's agent commission rebate?

Do your homework, ask for what you want, and be prepared to walk away at any time. The individual with the least concern always has the most power.

With that stated, you could certainly bargain. However, like with anything, there are hazards associated. So, why bother haggling when there are firms that will conduct this research for you for free?If you visit a buyer agency and discover that they do not give a refund, you will most likely receive a variety of replies.

Some agents will be angered if you ask them to work for less than they believe they are worth.

With these kinds of replies, you could certainly bargain with agents.

However, it is better to be cautious than sorry.

Stay away from the drama.

Avoid the headaches and hassles of bargaining.

Be educated, and go to Transactly for industry specialists with a proven track record of success in obtaining rebates for home purchasers.

There are other ways to select and hire a buyer's agent, but if you want to obtain a commission refund, make that discussion as early in the process as feasible.

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