Generating NOW Business Today & Future Business At the Same Time w/Justin Zimmerman & Ray Stendall

As we head into 2019, it’s important to prospect for now business, but to also lay the groundwork for future business. What does it take to do both? How can you use market data to stay in touch in a more specific way? How do you create content that helps us get more contacts? On this episode, RedX head of content, Justin Zimmerman, joins us along with agent Ray Stendall to talk about staying relevant, valuable and sharp as the industry shifts.  

The criterion for a good agent is someone that can really represent and explain what is happening in the market at that time. -Ray Stendall

Three Things We Learned

Multiple contact produces more detailed data

You really have to test the market out in the area you prospect so you get an idea of the nuances and unique characteristics. That means calling more than once, and calling at different times.

How to create content that’s worth bookmarking

Identify the big problem your market is facing, come up with simple outline structure with a hook to get people interested, and an introduction to establish your expertise.

FAQs vs. SAQs

Frequently asked questions are usually asked by someone who doesn’t know much about the inner workings of transactions and real estate. Should-ask questions are more of industry insider’s knowledge, what a high level agent should know. Create content for both.


The heart and soul of NOW business is being disciplined and consistent in getting on the phone, knowing your scripts and being relentless in your follow up to get people to an appointment. Once you’re in that appointment, you have to line up your tools so you can bring value. One of those tools is our market knowledge and expertise. It is the last bastion of value for real estate agents in an age where we’re being squeezed.


Guest Bio

Justin Zimmerman is the director of content development at REDX and a content strategist with a background in real estate. He started off in real estate at 24 and built a software that took local MLS housing data and transformed it into a format easy to understand both by buyers and sellers. This helped him gain a competitive advantage in a profession where the average age was 47.

His software was so successful that he started training other agents to become Certified Market Advisors and went from being a simple agent to managing 51 people.Today, he uses his real estate and marketing knowledge to help agents create content that eliminates the need for prospecting and builds a strong database.

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Ray is an agent and the founder of Elegant San Diego Homes. Go to for more information. Get FREE access to Ray’s tracking sheet for daily prospecting email

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