How to Use Social Media to Build Relationships and Boost Your Business

Social media plays a huge role in how businesses are run today. What are the nuances we should be looking at to make sure we’re approaching it the ‘right’ way? How is the future of real estate being shaped by social media and new communication technologies? On this episode, we discuss social media with returning guest and digital media expert, Gene Volpe.

The cost of reaching people online should always be compared to the cost of reaching people in the real world. -Matt Johnson

Three Takeaways

We’re moving towards one-to-one communication

Social media networks are beginning to move away from one-to-many communication. To do this, it seems likely that free tools like Facebook Live will become a paid service. As a result, your organic reach will, in all probability, drop. However, this shouldn’t necessarily be thought of as a bad thing, as online tools will still be more affordable than offline options.

Group messages are the future

A great way for businesses to build relationships with clients in the future will be group messages and chats. The participants in these groups will have freely opted into receiving your content, meaning they’ll be more receptive. While your reach may not be as wide, you’ll be making direct contact with the right audience.

Cold calls are in decline

While most people own smartphones, the reality is most don’t enjoy actual phone calls. This is a big reason why software exists to alert the recipient that they’re receiving a robo-call. Cold calling is no longer yielding the same results it once did, so it’s important that agents re-think their marketing approaches.


Social media and communication technology have made a huge impact on businesses in every industry. While it’s impossible to say for sure what the changes will be going forward, it’s a good idea to pay attention to the current trends and how they’ll affect your company. While social media may be changing as a tool, one thing is for sure: it’s here to stay and will have an effect on how you do business.


Guest Bio

Gene Volpe is the Lead Digital Architect at GVI Media. With more than 10 years’ experience in marketing, he is the go-to expert on digital media, nationwide. Gene is also incredibly well-versed in real estate, having been involved in over 200 transactions. Gene is passionate about establishing brands and believes the best way to reach wider audiences is through digital marketing and video content.

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