RCRE - Don’t Be Afraid of Retail Real Estate in Nashville with Tyler Cauble

Mike Taravella and Will Coleman interview Tyler Cauble of The Cauble Group. 


Key Information:

Gain an edge in multi-family by learning how to underwrite commercial and retail properties. 

Good retail deals allow you to lock in long term leases with high credit tenants.

Commercial lease agreements can vary significantly depending on the tenant.

To get agency financing for mixed-use properties, at least 75% of the income must come from the multi-family portion of the property.

Right now the typical commercial loan will be 12-18 months IO, 20 years amortization, and have a 4% interest rate. 

Commercial loans include the cost of renovations. 

Smaller units in commercial spaces are starting to trend as a result of COVID-19.


Expert Pro Tip: “Don’t be afraid to get involved in mixed-use properties”

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Instagram: @commerical_in_nashville

Youtube: Tyler Cauble



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