Next Level Social Media Strategy with the Rolls Royce of Instagram Marketing: Michelle Berman Returns!

Social media branding is more important than we think, and simply being consistent isn’t enough to make us stand out. Where are most of us going so wrong?


How can we take our social media strategy from below-average to next-level awesome? Should we rethink the content we’re already sharing?


In this episode, creator of the Instagram Power Method, Michelle Berman returns to share the social media savvy GUARANTEED to set us apart from everyone else. 


Three Things You’ll Learn in This Episode 


  • How to create content that builds genuine relationships Could posting about every transaction be hurting us more than we realize? 


  • The key to becoming more consistent on social media How can we get in the habit of putting out content more regularly? Do introverts even stand a chance? 


  • How to keep our followers zoned in on our content What’s causing our viewers to scroll past our videos before we’ve even shared anything of value?


Guest Bio

Michelle Berman is the CEO of Berman Media PD- hailed by those in the know as the Rolls Royce of Instagram Marketing. The creator behind the Instagram Power Method Course, Michelle is a nationally acclaimed Instagram Coach, passionate about helping real estate and mortgage professionals take their social media to the next level. 

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