Take Your Marketing Strategy from Normal to Next-Level NINJA with OTT Television Advertising

Few things boost credibility like a TV advertisement, and now that most people have a Smart TV in their homes and view their shows through apps, it’s a real possibility for agents.


How do we get started with Over-the-Top television advertising, and what do we need to know before diving into the deep end? How can agents already scared of video get comfortable with the idea of being on TV?


In this episode, we’re sharing how to take our video marketing to a level higher than our competitors could DREAM of. 

Three Things You’ll Learn in This Episode 


  • How to create a campaign that ranks us in the top 1% of agents in our markets What should we combine with television advertising to ensure we’re the ONLY agents that come to mind when people think about real estate? 


  • How to get on TV without breaking the bank How does an OTT campaign compare with things like postcards, in terms of pricing? 


  • What to avoid when running an OTT television campaign Is there anything that would stop our campaigns from being as effective as possible?

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