Why No One Cares That You are In Real Estate Until They Need You! w/Brian Offner

Social media has the power to take our business to the next level. By releasing quality content, we can attract the right kind of clients. But the thing is: you’re not going to grow your business by solely posting closing table selfies.


When you’re posting online, there are ways to stand out to get people to care about who you are and what you do.


How can you stand out among a crowd of other agents? What kind of content gets the most engagements and sets you up for long-term success? 


In this episode, business development manager, Realtor, and vice president of operations for Leading Apex Media, Brian Offner, shares how agents can grow their business by leveraging video and social media.


Three Things You’ll Learn in This Episode 


  • Why taking action to create content on social media matters No matter which social media platform you choose, you can watch your engagements increase and your network grow by posting valuable, relatable, and fun content. Most of your audience won’t be able to relate to real estate content, but that’s okay. Showcasing other parts of who we are and what we do keeps us top-of-mind as a resource, which helps us attract more clients.


  • How figuring out your rockstar moment can change everything Rockstars don’t do mic checks or set up their instruments. They have someone else do it so they can go on stage to do what they do best — perform. When you discover your rockstar moment, you can find other people to take care of the tasks you may consider to be heavy. That way, everyone does something they enjoy and we can make the best use of our time prospecting, working leads, and closing deals. A great concert is a team effort.


  • How to grow your business by highlighting other businesses Creating meaningful relationships with other professionals is a great way to grow your network. Add value to what they have to offer and help one another thrive. Instead of thinking, ‘How can I get business?’ think about what you can do to help other businesses. This helps you grow your space, dominate your local community and create “link juice.”


Guest Bio


Brian Offner brings nearly 20 years of finance, business development, and credit expertise to the real estate experience. After leveraging the power of video and social media to triple his business, he launched Leading Apex Media to help realtors and loan officers do the same for their business. He is a business development manager with AnnieMac Home Mortgage and motivates entrepreneurs to maximize their potential.


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