Selling Your Listings: Active vs Passive Marketing

Some people look at things like Facebook ads and video content related to our listings as doing more than what’s required. What is the difference between being active and passive when it comes to selling a home? What is our role as agents in getting a home sold? What determines whether a home gets sold and how much control do we have over it? On this episode, we talk about what every agent worth their commission should be doing and why this stuff makes a difference.

The underlying idea that if we just deliver great service everything will take care of itself is a reassuring lie. -Matt Johnson  

Three Things We Learned

Why the best product doesn’t always sell the most

We tell ourselves the lie that the best product is what sells most but this is usually never true. The product that gets to first in our minds wins. The listing agent who dominates the neighbourhood wins, even if they suck.

Why you have to think of the home as a product

Crappy pictures that don’t show off interesting and compelling photos of the features of the property won’t sell the home. You want to make sure people have a good first impression of the home because no matter how good you are as a salesperson, if you can’t make the house look good on the MLS, you’re wasting your time.  

How to set ourselves apart

Getting as many potential buyers into the house at the same time in the shortest period of time is one of the things we can do to set ourselves apart in the market.


Being passive in marketing a listing is basically putting it up on the MLS and just hoping someone sees it. Anything you can do to create buzz is going to be active and that means putting on your marketing strategist hat and working with the seller to put that house in the best position as a product and so when you do put it on the MLS it attracts the right people. That’s part of what we’re being paid to do. Not doing this means we just won’t sell anything, no matter how good we are.  

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