What Is the Difference Between a Mortgage Broker and a Real Estate Agent?

Mortgage brokers and real estate agents have a lot in common. Both assist their clients in obtaining residential or business properties as licensed real estate professionals. Their exact responsibilities, however, are somewhat different. A real estate agent assists buyers and sellers in locating and selling physical properties, whereas a mortgage broker assists purchasers in obtaining finance to acquire real estate.


A real estate agent

A real estate agent assists a customer in buying or selling a home.

1. A real estate agent can assist you in the search for a home and accompany you to viewings.

2. Research the market and allow you to make an offer on a home.

3. Provides assistance and guidance throughout the home-buying process.

4. Arranges for the final price, terms, and conditions to be negotiated.

5. Offers information and assistance about building foundations, VVe, and the surrounding area.

6. Arranges for a formal offer and a deed closure.

7. Assists in the planning of a technical inspection.

A mortgage broker

A mortgage broker assists clients with property finance. By locating the best interest rate and securing a mortgage, mortgage consultants represent the interests of their clients.

1. A broker is a middleman who connects a mortgage lender and a bank.

2. More than 20 mortgage lenders are represented by mortgage advisors.

3. an impartial mortgage broker compares mortgage rates and selects the best option for the client.

4. Manage mortgage applications and submit papers.

5. Represent a client in communications with a bank.

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