What is a Homebuyer Rebate?

Homebuyer rebates are not available in every state, but they are permissible in Texas. This is just one of several fantastic incentives available to savvy homebuyers like you.

When a new house is built or sold in Texas, the realtor who represents the buyer normally receives a fee of 3% of the home's sales price.

The Texas Homes Two Percent Rebate simply returns the buyer 2.5 percent of the home's sale price, which comes from the fee paid by the builder to the real estate broker.

The agent keeps 1/2% to facilitate the transaction. As a result, more than two-thirds of the realtor's commission is RETURNED to you, the homebuyer. This applies to any new house built by any Texas home builder or contractor. The credit can be used to your closing expenses, used to pay for renovations, lot premiums, appliance packages, lowering the price of the property, buying down points for a better loan rate, or as a check cut to you after closing with lender permission. It is entirely up to you! 

This rebate is paid out of the agent's commission. It has no bearing on any builder incentives provided to the customer. In fact, if you did not use a realtor, the builder would just retain it. This is just a method for you, the house buyer, to have access to funds that you are currently contributing to the purchase of your home.

Furthermore, the 2.5 percent refund is tax-free! There will be no 1099 issued to you for the return of monies!

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