What are the downsides of discount brokers?

When evaluating offers from possible agents, it's critical to inquire about the specifics. Some inexpensive real estate agents, for example, keep their charges low by skipping some time-consuming services in order to take on more clients. Other low-commission agents claim to offer the same level of service as a typical agent at a lower price.

Some discounted agents may not be able to give the following services:

Home stagingis a term that refers to the process of While many traditional agents may gladly assist you in visually preparing your property for sale, certain discountreal estate brokers may not offer this service.

Individualized service. A discount broker may be dealing with a large number of clients at once, resulting in less individual attention and slower response times.

Extras. Many sellers feel that extras like brochures and multiple open houses are helpful in attracting good offers, but not all budget real estate firms offer these services.

What are the downsides of discount brokers?
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