The Benefits and Drawbacks of Working with Discount Agents

Once you understand what a full-service agentdoes, you can decide whether it is worthwhile to forego some of the tasks they perform. Thousands of sellers successfully work with discount agents each year; otherwise, the number of agents offering these rates would not be increasing.

The main advantage of working with a discount agent is the ability to save money. In today's market, nearly 70% of homes receive competing bids, indicating that multiple buyers are willing to pay (and potentially offer above asking) to secure a home. Housing inventory is at an all-time low, with buyers flocking to almost any house on the market.

If your house is structurally sound and you live in a desirable neighborhood, you may receive offers within a few hours of listing it. Paying a Realtor for a full suite of services may not make sense if they can secure an offer on your home almost immediately.

In a hot market, discount realtors help sellers. Agents must compete for listings within a limited inventory. A Realtor may be able to sway you by offering a discount.

However, not every home sale is appropriate for using a discount Realtor. If your home needs work or your market isn't very competitive, you might want to work with an agent who provides comprehensive marketing services. Furthermore, not all offers will be accepted. After the initial bid, your agent must assist in the sale process to ensure that the buyer is reputable and continues with the sale.

Knowing the distinction between a discount agent and a full-service agent can help you weigh each of these advantages and disadvantages.

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