Questions to ask real estate agent when you want to sell a home

1. Have you already sold homes in this neighborhood and in my price range?

Two neighboring neighborhoodscould be drastically different — one could be a bedroom community for young professionals, with parks and outstanding schools, while the other could be a community with lots of young families, parks, and wonderful schools. Each will attract a distinct type of customer. The proper realtor will understand who is buying homes in your region and how to reach out to them.

In addition, in order to market a home, agents must also pitch the community and its benefits. It's a huge plus if an agent has worked in your unique community before.

2. In the last year, how many homes have you sold in my neighborhood?

The number of properties sold by an agent in the previous year indicates how active they are in the market and how effective they are at what they do. You should also look for an agent who has sold properties in your area. A single city could contain many neighborhoods with significantly varied qualities, ranging from school quality to public transportation accessibility. Working with an agent who is familiar with your area is a huge plus.

3. How will you assist me in preparing my property for sale?

A qualified realtorwill stroll around your home and make some recommendations to assist you in selling it. A fresh coat of paint or the replacement of burned-out light bulbs may help you sell faster, but be skeptical of agents who recommend major renovations. If you sell straight away, you're unlikely to recuperate that money.

4. Will I be working with you individually or as part of a group?

Nothing is more aggravating than getting to know an agent and then having to meet with someone fresh at each meeting. A small team is fine because it means the agent has more resources and assistance, but make sure everyone is introduced.

5. What is the average number of days your listings spend on the market?

The average days on market refers to the length of time it takes for a real estate agent's listings to sell. Always request to see this figure and compare it to the numbers provided by the agents you are interviewing. Inquire about any outliers, such as why high-end, million-dollar properties take longer to sell. Find another agent if they don't have an excellent explanation for taking longer.

6. What is the typical list-to-sales price ratio in your business?

The list to price ratio is calculated by dividing the sales price by the asking price. It indicates how close the house sold for to the asking price — and it could indicate that an agent always gets their clients more. A healthy list-to-price ratio will vary depending on the market and locale, but percentages below 90% should be avoided.

7. What marketing strategy do you have in mind for my home?

Every Realtor® should have a marketing strategy in place before starting this collaboration. Do they use social media to attract buyers, and how big is their following? Have they discovered that flyers or another sort of promotion is effective? Any listing agent you meet with should have a detailed plan in place to sell your home.

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