How to Have More Effective Conversations w/Dale Archdekin

For many new agents, the thought of having conversations with potential clients is terrifying, but if we learn how to interact with others effectively, we can banish that fear. How can we have more positive conversations? Is it possible to convert leads sooner without coming across as forceful? On this episode, CEO and Founder of Smart Inside Sales, Dale Archdekin, shares how to have more effective conversations. 


Takeaways + Tactics 

Have positive conversations. If a client is interested in something we know they can’t have, don’t start by telling them that. Instead, ask questions to get a sense of what they want, and offer alternatives later.


When a client isn’t interested in buying or selling immediately, ask the right questions to find out why. Once we’ve heard their explanation, we can start assessing whether we can help them in the near future.


Don’t push potential leads - lead them. Guide people and show them the best way forward, but don’t force anything on them.

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