The Have Mets vs. The Have Not Mets w/Dale Archdekin

Many agents have a really difficult emotional adversity to being rejected by new people because they take the rejection personally, but the truth is, a new person’s resistance is a natural reaction. What mindset shift should you make about this so you can persevere in prospecting? How can we go about putting ourselves in front of new people and then getting them to know, like and trust us? On this episode, Dale Archdekin talks about the have mets and the have not mets and how to overcome the fear we have around that.

Accept that a stranger is going to be naturally defensive and skeptical of us. -Dale Archdekin  

Three Takeaways

A stranger will naturally be defensive and hesitant toward us. Don't allow that to hold you back.

From childhood, it is ingrained in us not to trust or talk to strangers, and when you’re a salesperson that’s an extra layer we have to break through. But don’t let the natural resistance deter you from talking to new people.

How strangers respond to us initially is not about US - it's about them

When people are skeptical of us when they first meet us, we shouldn’t take it personally. They are rejecting their concept of a stranger salesperson. Remember, if a person doesn’t even know you yet, it’s impossible for them to actually dislike you.  


Everyone who knows, likes and trusts you was a stranger at some point

The people you worked with and delivered a great service to were also people who didn’t know like and trust way back in the beginning. You would have never gotten to that wonderful place with that person if you didn’t go through the tough part of front which is a their natural resistance.

The truth about every meaningful relationship in our lives is that those people started off as strangers and they didn’t know, like and trust us immediately. As a salesperson, whenever you talk to somebody new, you will run up against resistance, rejection and a bit of adversity. This resistance isn’t about us or anything wrong with us, and if we actually bring value to these people, they will also become people who know, like and trust us.

Guest Bio

Dale is a Realtor and founder of Smart Inside Sales. Go to for more information, email or find them on Facebook.

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