Can we buy a house in California without any down payment?

In the United States, there are various loans for anyone with any budget that one can borrow if one has income and has paid taxes. In California, there is a type of loan called CALHFA, which is for people who have no money for a down payment but have income. In this loan, 3.5% of the California government and 96.5% of the federal government lend, and that person only has to pay closing costs.

Another loan, called a USDA loan, is for low-income people. The federal government has provided this loan to people who are not well-off and have low incomes. Of course, this loan does not apply to all regions and must be in an area approved by the US Department of Agriculture. No down payment is required for this loan either. 

There are also FHA and Conventional loans, which require only 3.5% down payment to buy a house with an FHA loan, and only 5% down payment is enough to buy a house with a Conventional loan.

So if you have income and have been paying your income tax for two years, ask a Loan Officer to review your case and say how eligible you are for which loan model.


Can we buy a house in California without any down payment?
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