RCRE - Acquiring in Nashville

Mike Taravella and co-host Will Coleman interview Adam Klenk and Tyler Mayo of Capstone Apartment Partners.

Key Information:

  • Underwriting models should factor in the new reserve requirements and hold periods based on what market the asset is in. 
  • Different markets require different reserve amounts.
  • What metrics to look for if a market or sub-market is being over developed.
  • High job growth and high market rents are good indicators to look for in regards to the development stage.
  • How extended due diligence periods and financing contingencies are affecting buyers and sellers.
  • Ask a lot questions and clarify any details during the underwriting process if you are misaligned on price with the seller
  • Focusing too much on off the market deals can make you miss out on good on market deals


Expert Pro Tip: “Ask Questions”

Contact Information:

(615) 861-9906 - Adam Klenk

(662) 386-1622 - Tyler Mayo



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