Morning & Success Routines w/Justin Zimmerman

Mornings are the perfect time for planning your day, focusing on your well-being, doing a quick workout, and spending some time with yourself. But why do so many people hate waking up early in the morning, and what are they missing out on? Why do you need some time for yourself every day? How does not having a morning routine impact both your fitness and business success? In this episode, Justin Zimmerman talks about how morning routines can bring more awareness over how much control we have over our fate.

The people you choose are the people you become. -Justin Zimmerman

Three Things We Learned

Waterproof notes

At the beginning of the day, you have ask yourself, “What does my day have to look like to make me a happier and more productive person?” You can even plan out your day when you’re showering by using waterproof notes.

Don’t let yourself drift from your purpose

Teams and agents that don’t have defined purposes and goals end up drifting. Everyone needs a direction to their life, and that direction is what determines what their daily to-do list looks like.

Don’t neglect your health over your finances

Nutrition and fitness play an important part in the way we feel and how productive we are throughout the day. Finances, nutrition, and fitness are the big 3 pillars of well-being, but when one shakes, the other aspects of our lives suffer as well.


It’s almost impossible to be productive if we have something in the back of our mind constantly bothering us. As we grow older, however, our ability to determine our own fate increases. Journaling, meditation, and planning out each day will helps us become more aware of the choices we have and how we can get closer to our goals every day.


Guest Bio

Justin Zimmerman is the director of content development at REDX and a content strategist with a background in real estate.

He started off in real estate at 24 and built a software that took local MLS housing data and transformed it into a format easy to understand both by buyers and sellers. This helped him gain a competitive advantage in a profession where the average age was 47.

His software was so successful that he started training other agents to become Certified Market Advisors and went from being a simple agent to managing 51 people.

Today, he uses his real estate and marketing knowledge to help agents create content that eliminates the need for prospecting and builds a strong database.

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