Creative Things You Can Do on Your Next Appointment to Build Rapport & Win the Listing

There’s no doubt about it: working with listers and sellers is an agent’s best bet in this market. The question is, how can we win those listings against other agents?


What can we do to differentiate ourselves in the eyes of the consumer, and is there a way to mitigate competition from the very start? How can we overcome any and every possible objection? 


In this episode, we’re doing a Q&A session on how to win listings in the face of competition and stubborn sellers. 

Three Things You’ll Learn in This Episode 


  • How to handle sellers meeting multiple agents How are most agents dealing with a potential client mentioning that they’re getting several opinions, and what should we be doing instead? 


  • How to close quickly, WITHOUT pushing too hard No one wants to sign a contract under duress, so how can we close sellers without cornering them into the decision? 


  • The key to killing it in a listing appointment Is it possible to pre-sell ourselves before we even arrive at our first meeting with a seller?


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