Networking and Real Estate with Alex Franks

Alex Franks is located in Rock Hill SC and is the Co­Owner of Premier investments with business partner Kevin Burrell. Alex has worked in real estate for over 17 years and closed over $15million in both SFRs and Commercial deals. Alex has (and continues to) travel throughout the US and internationally meeting and speaking with groups of investors to either sell or raise capital.More recently Alex has raised over $10 Million towards projects in both North and South Carolina. In addition to his successful fix n flip business, Alex has focused extensively on teaching clients about real estate investment through seminars, radio shows, and webinars. Alex is passionate about property investment and frequently visits real estate groups to speak in front of crowds and share his experiences of how to build a unique strong performing portfolios to suit an individual’s needs.In this podcast, Alex shares some great insights on how to network with other real estate professionals. He has a great story about how he started out in his local gym speaking with investors. There is no doubt that his success is directly tied to his ability to network.

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