How to Buy Foreclosable Tax Liens and Increase Your Gains by 2000-3000% w/Todd Ashton

The real estate climate is changing drastically, and many industry professionals are anxious to know what the future of the business looks like. We’re lucky to be in an industry that offers a ton of flexibility and there are still many ways to make money. 


Buying foreclosable tax liens is a great avenue for maximizing our income in a shifting market. The problem is, not enough people know how to do these deals effectively and we end up missing out on massive opportunities.


What are so many people doing wrong when it comes to buying tax liens, and what should we be doing instead? Where should we be looking for the deals in the first place?


In this episode, Founder of Tax Lien Alliance, Todd Ashton shares the secrets to successfully buying tax liens and how to get started with as little as $5,000. 


Stick to the four key steps of a successful tax lien investment: find, vet, evaluate, and verify. -Todd Ashton


Three Things You’ll Learn in This Episode

  • The mistake we make when looking for foreclosable tax liens: Avoid auctions at all costs. They may seem like a great way to find deals, but there’s too much competition to find anything well-priced and worthwhile. 
  • How to get trained eyes on the property: Vetting and evaluating a property is non-negotiable to successfully purchase a property. Reach out to local Realtors for their opinions before proceeding with an investment. 
  • How to raise funds to buy tax liens: When we’re looking for deals in the right places, we don’t need much capital in the first place. That said, offerings like LendingTree give people the opportunity to raise funds when necessary.


Guest Bio

Todd Ashton is an internationally renowned educator with more than a decade of experience, and the Founder of Tax Lien Alliance. In addition to teaching people how to properly invest in tax liens and deeds, Todd is an active real estate investor himself. In his capacity as a real estate coach and mentor, Todd has an impressive network of successful investors and friends including among others, Robert Kiyosaki, Robert Allen, and Russ Whitney. 


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