Toby Salgado On The Clear Vision That Took Him from $26k in Debt to MILLIONAIRE in Just 2 Years

People get into real estate because they’re attracted by the idea of time and money freedom, but unfortunately, most agents get a taste of the time freedom, abuse it and never get a real taste of financial freedom. 


What is it that separates those who achieve their biggest goals from everyone else? How can agents stay focused on their dreams and commit to the actions that can make those a reality?


In this episode, serial entrepreneur and host of the Super Agents Live podcast, Toby Salgado shares how to zone in on our wildest aspirations. 

Three Things You’ll Learn in This Episode 


  • How to get clear on our ‘why’ We may have an idea of what we want to achieve, but are we committed to the reason behind that desire? 


  • How to identify what we’re willing to sacrifice in the name of success Reaching our goals always requires some kind of sacrifice. How can we get clarity on what we’re prepared to give up? 


  • The importance of investing in ourselves We stand to gain a ton by investing in ourselves. The more pressing question is, what do we stand to lose if we don’t?


Guest Bio

Toby Salgado is a serial entrepreneur, author and host of the Super Agents Live podcast. Toby is also an entrepreneur mentor, passionate about helping business owners achieve everything they set their minds to, blasting through their self-imposed limitations in the process. 

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