Old Capital Bonus Segment: Command Authority with Lane Beene - “How do you read an OPERATING STATEMENT & What’s IMPORTANT in that data?”

Lane Beene is with Pilot Properties and owns almost 700 apartment units. This recently retired Lt. Colonel graduated from the Air Force Academy and flew combat F16’s for over 28 years. Less than 15 years, he started with one single family home and turned that into a large multi-million dollar apartment portfolio…all during the time he was serving in the military. He is direct. He is smart. You need to listen to him if you are new to real estate investing. The operating statement (PROFIT AND LOSS) shows the line items of operating income and operating expenses. Lane discusses the foundational document that helps you identity the financial performance and presents the true profitability of the apartment complex. To contact Lane Beene: lane.beene@pilot-legacy.com

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