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Abitano Group focuses on real estate sales in Santa Clara County. With our growing team of experts, Vito, Dan, Sergio, Steve, Christine, and Veronica all specialize in serving our clients’ journey and making sure the whole experience is seamless. The relationships we have with our vendors, allow us to save time, money and stress for our clients. Whether it’s buying or selling a home, making sure everything is in working condition and top shape and looks as beautiful as possible helps to ensure that each transaction is handled with care. INTERESTED IN LEARNING ABOUT BUYING OR SELLING? You're in luck! San Jose Living  is a channel dedicated to helping you learn more before you make the decision to move. Click on the pic above to watch!  Born in Winnipeg Manitoba Canada Immigrated to California in 1976 Moved to Campbell, in 1981 Moved to Cupertino in 1984, attended Kennedy Jr. High, Monta Vista High Joined the Marines in 1987 8 years in publishing, I became an expert in marketing. At Boy Scout camp- I was awarded the honor of Christopher Columbus Award for winning the sailboat competition. Travel – I lived in Japan and spent a month at Mt. Fuji. I’ve been to Tokyo Disneyland and rode the Shinkansen – Bullet Train to Osaka. vito My pastime – I love to build things with my hands. I recently finished a backyard project that included a Pergola, a BBQ Island, and Firepit. Now I’m building a front porch and remodeling the whole front of my house. Bucket List – I’ve scuba dived, parachuted and hand gilded. I’m constantly adding fun things to my bucket list. The next thing on my list is to buy a Harley Davidson and cruise the back roads of California. Family – Married with three crazy kids: Mike, Angie and Lexie and Ro our family Dog We live and own a home in Blossom Valley. Community- The Abitano Group adopted La Colina park. We have park cleanups, movie nites and BBQ’s to bring the community together. We also have fun hikes with our neighbors too! Involved – I sat on a panel to talk to neighbors about the housing shortage and how to help by building Accessory Dwelling Units ADUs Volunteer – I was awarded Volunteer of the year in 2017 by the San Jose Parks and Rec Department. Military – I served in the Marines as an Infantry Mortar Man and was deployed during Desert Storm. Serving as Broker my position has evolved from selling homes to also creating a larger company with well-trained agents who believe in serving our community and giving back. By being involved with our community we can help improve and create a better lifestyle for our neighbors. See you in the neighborhood!
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