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Stacey Schrader, JD
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Always fascinated by real estate, from the understanding of a good investment to the nuances of design and aesthetics, it is Stacey's desire to exceed her client's expectations with the security that they have received the best representation possible from their real estate investment, whether buying their first property or selling their family home. For over 20 years as an attorney, Stacey represented clients in a variety of legal matters throughout California. In that capacity, and as a founding partner of her own law firm, Stacey was singularly focused on listening to the needs of her clients, providing excellent service and ensuring their best interests were always protected. Her reputation among both clients and colleagues was built on a strong work ethic and highly developed negotiating skills to achieve the best results possible while maintaining the highest level of ethics, integrity, and professionalism. These skills have seamlessly transferred to her career as a Realtor representing both Buyers and Sellers in real estate transactions throughout the Monterey Peninsula. A Pebble Beach resident for 25 years where she raised her family, Stacey's legal experience, local market knowledge, and professional standards ensure her clients receive an unparalleled level of competence and trust in handling the complexities of all their real estate needs. Client Testimonials Scroll down for more "I would highly recommend that you select Stacey Schrader as your Real Estate Advocate. Her combined background as a lawyer, as well as her keen skills in design and aesthetics make her a true champion in her field. Stacey represented me in the purchase of my home in Carmel in 2013, at a time when the market was rising. She was a great negotiator on my behalf and saw the transaction through to completion, not missing a single detail. A true professional in every sense of the word!" - Kathryn "We had about a year of searching. In our price range and criteria of needs, it was not easy to find the right home with a market that was moving upward. Stacey went way beyond what most Realtors do to accommodate us each time we came to town. Her patience is admirable and she never lost her sense of humor and encouragement before the “right” house came along. Stacey did all the groundwork when we could not be present and she accompanied us to whatever department within Carmel in order to gain knowledge on city issues and our needs. Like a lawyer, she was always prepared, researched and warned us regarding properties with issues and helped us to make a wonderful choice in the end." - Liz "Stacey handled everything in the selling process, from start to finish, with detail, patience, thoroughness, diplomacy and compassion. As a first-time seller, I had complete confidence in her knowledge of the community and the market, as well as the intricacies involved in such a process — and she is just a joy to work with. I would hire her again in a heartbeat to handle either side of the deal on any property." - Mary "Stacey was wonderful to work with! She has amazing ability to focus on detail, is very responsive, and an excellent communicator. Stacey’s market knowledge positioned my property to sell at full price and she always kept me in a positive frame of mind!" - Joanne "I highly recommend Stacey Schrader. In forty-five years of marriage, my wife and I have transacted many home purchases. This recent experience with Stacey Schrader has been one of the best! Stacey’s attention to detail, knowing the current market conditions, inventory and especially understanding the unique Carmel market, made the process much easier than most. Without any hesitation, I would highly recommend Stacey on either side of a transaction, and more than that, we now view her as a friend." - Ted
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