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Sindy Sanchez
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Well over a decade of real estate experience has taken Sindy all over Manhattan, Bronx, Brooklyn, Queens, Long Island and Westchester.  Sindy has earned a stellar reputation for her confidential work with high profile clientele. She gives specialized and individualized attention to every buyer, seller, renter, and investor. Sindy entered real estate years ago with a bang, earning many prestigious awards for her expertise. She thrives on sharing information from her deep knowledge of the real estate market.  When working with buyers and sellers, Sindy draws on her professional experience complemented by a personal touch. Attentive, personable, trustworthy, and highly organized, Sindy has always been devoted to outstanding customer service, which she believes drives business and loyalty. Sindy treats every client as she would want to be treated herself. It's all about getting the client what they want, making them happy, and closing the deal. Her strong, extensive, and seasoned negotiating skills put the money where it belongs, back in her clients' pockets.  “There’s No Place Like Home.” Client Testimonials Scroll down for more "Moving from Los Angeles to New York City for a television series was a big commitment, and finding the right home for myself and my dogs was a task I needed some serious help with! Sindy made the experience effortless and fun, handling our communications with humor and grace. She was discreet and efficient, understood my specific needs, and found me the most beautiful apartment with the right light and energy and space...a perfect slice of California off of Central Park West." - Anjelica Huston "As a Hollywood manager, I often have celebrity clients in NYC working on various projects. Sindy always goes above and beyond to find them the perfect high end rental or purchase. She always holds the utmost confidentiality and professionalism while entertaining them with great tidbits of NY history or fun little known facts. I can call her on a days notice and she is always accommodating to my actors crazy schedules. She will even scout and preview apartments first so they only see the top three without wasting a minute of precious time. I would never think to use anyone else for New York real estate." - Todd Diener - United Entertainment "Sindy Sanchez is a complete professional who guided us through every aspect of purchasing Manhattan real estate. She found the exact apartment we wanted, negotiated the best price, and saw our rights safeguarded through the entire process. Sindy herself was always warm and gracious, always our protector. She oversaw all of our documents, and provided resources from attorneys to tradesmen, all of whom turned out to be the very best. Sindy Sanchez is the first person I will call when our needs turn to real estate again. I cannot imagine buying property without her." - Bart & Sharon Davis Click Here For More Testimonials!
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