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Buyers, sellers, and renters who entrust Sean with their business appreciate his insight on the NYC real estate landscape. He enters each showing with a carefully thought out vision and strategy, never blindly. Sean asks the right questions to better identify what his clients value most, a critical step towards producing favorable results in the highly competitive NYC real estate market. Listening to his clients’ unique stories allows him to align their preferences with the market conditions. Sean believes that preparation is a must in today's competitive market. He works closely with his clients in this regard, making sure they are equipped to secure their top-option. His workaholic nature and unwavering commitment to his craft is a customer service dream, as he makes himself accessible around the clock all things relating to his clients’ apartment search. Raised on the Upper West Side, where he still calls home, Sean specializes in Manhattan (bellow 59th St), however, he has successfully closed countless rental, co-op, condo, and new development deals all over the city. Sean has a clear understanding of why people flock to these high demand areas, as he actively participates in culturally enriching activities citywide. His knowledge as an NYC native provides his clients with a well-rounded understanding of what each neighborhood has to offer. Client Testimonials Scroll down for more ★★★★★"Sean helped me to get the best option I could ever want! He did his best to find me a beautiful studio apartment in just few days! I would highly recommend him as your agent!" ★★★★★"This was my second time working with Sean and yet again he found me an apartment that I never in a million years would have thought I could live in. He was very attentive to my wants and needs and as always one of the most knowledgeable Upper West Side enthusiast out there. With Sean's efforts and hustle he really made this an easy and enjoyable experience." ★★★★★"Sean was great! Took me to so many places until I found my home! He listened and was so quick to get me to the next apartment. Sean also helped a lot getting all documents in on time and helping me out with the whole process! Definitely recommend him to find your next home!" ★★★★★"very professional, went above and beyond to find us listings that met all requirements even if it meant showing us listings where he would have to split . honest and has a lot of integrity" ★★★★★"A very honest and educated individual. Helped me find the perfect neighborhood and apartment in the greenwhich village. I would highly recommend this agent to any one in need!" ★★★★★"Sean McKenzie was amazing to work with. His professionalism and outgoing attitude was exactly what we needed. He was open and honest about what we were doing and knew exactly the home we were looking to rent!" ★★★★★"As a native Manhattanite I was set on finding a place in NYC on my own, but pretty early on in my search I felt like the system was working against me and the tedious process took the fun out of something that should be exciting and enjoyable. A friend of mine who had used Sean to find her place recommended I use him, promising he was a cool guy and would find me a place THAT DAY. And he did! The first place Sean took me to is where I am writing from right now. He managed to find an apartment that fit my tight budget/ picky neighborhood requirements with TWICE the amount of space you would normally find in NYC for the price. As soon as I saw it I knew I had to have it and he took immediate action, putting together my package and anticipating any loopholes that could cause me to lose it. A week from the day we saw the apartment I was picking up my keys and moving in. Now not only do I have the apartment of my dreams, I have someone I can call with any questions or concerns with the building, landlord, etc. I would recommend Sean to anyone and everyone in a heartbeat - he's professional and great at what he does but doesn't lose his sense of humor or cool in the process !" ★★★★★"Sean was outstanding at understanding my wants / needs and finding a place which suited my budget and lifestyle. He really cares about his clients and wants to meet / exceed their expectations. Thanks Sean!" ★★★★★"Sean was an excellent broker, who I'd highly recommend. He was patient and thoughtful in showing my roommate and I apartment options. Once we located the ideal place, he was diligent about coordinating all of the paperwork to make for a smooth approval process." ★★★★★"One of the best agents I have ever worked with, Sean is very professional and incredibly hard working. Though the search process was tedious and tiring, he was able to find us an incredible place within 6 hours. He asked all the right questions and was quick to respond to our concerns and questions. He comes highly recommended!" ★★★★★"Sean was great! Really happy we went with him! Found us a great apartment in a great area and we are really glad that he was able to do that. Definitely recommend!" ★★★★★"Sean was an immense help to me and my roommates ("LITERALLY A LIFESAVER"- direct quote from us). We made a last minute decision to move to New York in July and contacted Sean after a friend of ours recommended him. Within seconds of reaching out, he responded to our cries for help, laying out a detailed plan for us to follow. He gave us the lowdown on the entire leasing process in NYC, and guided us the entire way. When my roommate flew in to see apartments with Sean, we landed an incredible apartment with an August 1st starting lease after only six hours of looking. The rest of the process, while tedious, went in an incredibly timely fashion, as Sean's incredible attentiveness and professionalism made sure our questions never went unanswered as we completed all of the paperwork. Definitely the best in the business, Sean will make sure he can incorporate as much of your "dream checklist" as he can while keeping you on budget." ★★★★★"Sean made the process of finding my first apartment easy and enjoyable. Even though we had a low budget for Manhattan and the apartment hunting season was in full swing, he lined up no fewer than nine different apartment that were either spot on, or close to, what my roommate and I were looking for . He was patient in answering any questions and allowed us plenty of time to look at each place. After each showing, Sean would help us rank the newest apartment in comparison to the prior ones we had checked out . His professionalism and knowledge of the NYC apartment scene was wonderful and really helped with our search. After choosing one, Sean helped make the approval process go smoothly, was very prompt in getting back to us, and we signed the lease within our time constraints. All moved in and the apartment is working out great! I would highly recommend him to anyone who looking for an apartment in NYC." ★★★★★"Sean was incredibly helpful throughout the entire apartment searching process. He made sure to ask all the right questions in order to find an apartment that suited my needs and interests, and presented me with several very appealing options. Ended up with a fabulous studio apartment in a wonderful location. I highly recommend working with Sean!" ★★★★★"Sean made the process of finding my daughter's first NYC apartment a much more pleasant experience than I had anticipated. Even though we had a very modest budget for Manhattan and the apartment hunting season was in full swing, he lined up at least nine different apartment that met our criteria. He was patient in answering our many questions and allowed us plenty of time to look over each place without feeling rushed. After each showing, Sean would followed up with questions about our overall impression and helped us clarify what was important to us. His knowledge of the neighborhoods and the commuting times for each place was outstanding. All this helped when we were organizing apartments in terms of preference. After we picked the perfect apartment, Sean helped make the approval process go smoothly, was very prompt in getting back to us, and we signed the lease within our time constraints. Because of Sean's professionalism, knowledge, patience and graciousness, I would recommend him highly to anyone who looking for an apartment in NYC." ★★★★★"After spending two frustrating months of trying to rent a NYC apt. for my college student daughter and her roommate from our out of town location on our own, I ran across Sean's listing for an apt. His long list of positive reviews led me to call him directly and I am so glad I did. Even though it was the intense summer apartment rental season and we had a modest rental budget (for NYC), he took the time to note all of our objectives and explain how he could help us. He spent two full days showing us apartments (the first roommate got cold feet about living outside the dorms after the first day, so another roommate and another day of looking was required). We saw sixteen different apartments with Sean in all kinds of buildings and neighborhoods and finally found the perfect apartment within our budget. Through it all, Sean was patient, gracious, knowledgeable about neighborhoods and subway commute times (he's a NYC native) and savvy. He was terrific to work with and I would recommend him highly to anyone. " ★★★★★"Of all the agents I've worked with since moving to New York over three years ago, Sean was hands down the best. He had a clear plan and constantly kept me informed, listened to my feedback about each viewing, and used that feedback to take me to places that met my criteria. More than that, he was incredibly prompt and professional and earned my trust as a client. I would highly recommend using him as your agent!" ★★★★★"Sean was incredibly helpful throughout this process. I flew into New York from Europe and Sean met me within an hour of calling him and Desmond. He cared about what I wanted in an apartment and tailored our search based on my preferences. Every apartment we saw would have worked out well, but we found the perfect one very early on in the process. Sean was very professional and knew the area extremely well. My first apartment shopping in New York City could not have gone any more fluidly." ★★★★★"Sean and Desmond did an amazing job with helping me and my 3 roommate find an fabulous apartment. We has so many boxes that needed to be checked and they did a successful job in doing so. I would highly recommend using them!!!!!" ★★★★★" Sean was responsive, courteous, and professional. We are VERY happy with our new home. He was really thoughtful in selecting apartments for us to view which is represented in that we ended up selecting the FIRST apartment he showed us. Overall very happy to have worked with him." ★★★★★"Sean and his colleague Desmond were incredibly helpful and considerate throughout the entire process of finding an apartment. My roommate and I mapped out our requirements and budget and Sean and Desmond followed them to a T, asking us what we liked and didn’t like about each apartment we viewed in order to narrow our search to a place we would absolutely love. When we finally found a place, they made the application process simple and headache free! Can’t say enough good things about my experience working with him and we love our new apartment!" ★★★★★"Sean was enthusiastic and professional. My roommate and I had spent the week working with brokers who showed us crappy apartment after crappy apartment, but Sean took the time to really learn what we were looking for and showed us one perfect place. He was available to talk to when I had questions and helped us secure the place immediately. Will be recommending him to anyone seeking an apartment." ★★★★★"Sean was excellent. I had seen multiple other apartments/brokers before I spoke with him and he was the first person that seemed to really listen. The first apartment he showed me was perfect (great space, fit all my criteria, good location, within my budget) and he helped me secure it quickly and painlessly." ★★★★★"Sean was really helpful and tried his best to give us options. He listened to our requirements and had great attention to detail. The process of finding an apartment in New York was definitely made easier with his help and knowledge of the market." ★★★★★"It was a pleasure to work with Sean. As we were a group of 4 looking for an apartment for a specific budget and for a very busy time, Sean was knowledgeable, honest and proactive with his approach. I found Sean to be well - organized and clear when we were sorting out our paperwork - really the crucial time for prospective applicants. I also felt like he was always readily available to answer any questions and he always replied to emails promptly. The 4 of us got a great deal for a great apartment and we couldn't have done it without Sean's help. I would recommend him to anyone instantly and whole-heartedly." ★★★★★"I am so appreciative to have had Sean's help in finding our first apartment. He was so helpful, and really listened to all of our opinions. Very professional, and enjoyable to search for apartments with." ★★★★★"From the first phone call to introduce himself and explain how a tenant agent works, to the signing of the lease, I couldn't be more impressed with Sean McKenzie and Oxford Property Group. Sean was always professional, accessible, and he listened well to what four college roommates were looking for in an apartment. He was able to decipher the needs and wants and delivered. I feel it would have been much more stressful without a tenant agent and without Sean. I highly recommend using his services and am very grateful that he helped find the perfect apartment for our daughter and her roommates." ★★★★★"Sean was very professional and was very knowledgeable about the area I am now living in! This was my first NYC apartment so I was nervous on how my roommates and I should start but Sean helped us out so much. Without his help we wouldn't have been able to find any of the apartments we got the pleasure of seeing. He had our best interest in mind and was determined to help us find a new home. I'm so thankful for his help and I would highly recommend him to anyone looking to rent an apartment in NYC!" ★★★★★"I am writing this from my couch in the living room of my new apartment Sean found for my boyfriend and me. When looking for a new place, we were hesitant to use a broker, but after working with Sean, we knew we made the right choice. From the beginning, Sean was professional, knowledgeable, and friendly. He wasn’t pushy, stuck with our budget (which rarely happens), and listened to our needs. Sean made our apartment search easier than we could have imagined. I can’t say enough good things about him. If you are looking for a new place, he’s your guy." ★★★★★"Finding the right apartment in NY is a tedious process and Sean was the right person to guide us through it. He always had words of encouragement when it seemed like we were never going to find one. He also backed his words with great units and always made himself available. He always treated us as real people and put our needs before his company´s. Not only in this platform but I will for sure recommend him to anybody who is looking for an apartment in NY." ★★★★★"Sean worked together with the manager back in the office in a tag-team fashion. His partner was at the office checking for open properties in real time while Sean showed us the properties that were available based on our real time feedback of the properties he was showing us. It's clear that Sean knows what he's talking about and has the best interest of his clients in mind. Can't really speak to negotiation, as it never got that far before I left the country, but this was an all around good experience. " ★★★★★"Sean was great! Even though I ended up renting a different place, I was really impressed with his candor and work ethic throughout the process. His system of questions was really helpful, it got to the point that I knew he knew what I was thinking about a place before I ever said anything--he was that keen on the details and determined to find something that fit. He's extremely reachable and went out of his way to get us a second viewing at a place at an awkward time. You're in good hands with Sean and his team!" ★★★★★"Sean has a smart approach for helping apartment seekers in NYC -- he asks three questions during each showing: (1) what do you like about the unit, (2) what do you dislike about the unit, and (3) could you see yourself living there? The goal is pretty clear – he wants you look into a mirror and decide what’s important to you, personally, in the apartment search. Walking around NYC and visiting apartments is not particularly difficult – the hard part is making an informed decision and knowing that you spent your money well. Sean provides a structure to this process. He encourages you to verbalize your thoughts, intelligently rank the units you’ve seen, and make a decision based on the factors that are actually meaningful to you. As a result, as you’re walking around the city and seeing units, you never get the sense that your time is being wasted. Sean is always active during the search –discussing the options, talking about the market, and making notes and relaying your preferences back to Oxford HQ for better listings. Sean also has a professional demeanor. He is well composed and respectful of your opinion. My apartment search was quick and pleasant, and Sean was able to find a terrific undervalued apartment for me in just a couple days. I would certainly get in touch with him again when searching for my next place." ★★★★★"Being a first time renter in NYC was a lot more involved than I thought it would be. Sean actually took the time to consider what I liked and what I didn't like, and amended our search along the way accordingly. I thought this was much better than just getting likes and dislikes at the beginning, then going over a list of pre-prepared properties to look at, like other brokers. His knowledge of the area was fantastic, and really helped me to settle into New York." ★★★★★"Finding an apt in NYC is incredibly stressful and most of the brokers I interacted with are scumbags. Sean was a pleasure to work with and he made a difficult and annoying experience much more tolerable. What I found particularly useful was that Sean only showed me units I would actually rent and focused on aspects that were important for me like renovation and location. A lot of brokers will show you unlivable spaces and waste your time but that was not the case here. I looked at at least a dozen places with numerous brokers and the place I rented through Desmond was bar far the best deal. I would recommend Sean to anyone looking for a quality place that you won't get cheated on. No one likes to pay a fee but that is the reality of NYC so it's better to go with someone you trust." ★★★★★"It was a pleasure working with Sean, and his partner Desmond in my apartment hunt. In one day they were able to show me 12-14 apartments back to back. In that search I saw 3 apartments that had strong potential. Sean took the time to listen to my feedback after each apartment to better understand what I liked and didn't like to better address my needs. I was about to give up on hiring a broker as many of the ones I meet prior were pushy, dishonest, or knew nothing about the apartments. As someone who has high expectations and is often difficult to please, Sean did a great job in finding me the perfect apartment within my price range. Legitimately, the perfect apartment for me. I highly recommend Sean on your next apartment hunt. I will surely be using his services again when it is time for my next move." ★★★★★"Sean was super helpful, quickly got what our priorities were and helped us find our dream apartment in the east village. We were lucky to have him. He was very patient and understanding and I definitely recommend his services!" ★★★★★"I'm a student who is new to this country. And I came across certain problems with apartments-renting. One of my friends recommended Sean McKenzie to me so I turned to him for help. He fully understood my situation and my demands. In addition, he provided efficient help and much help. Although in the end I decided to stay at my current apartment, I do appreciate his excellent work. If I want to change apartment in the future, he will definitely be the guy I'm turning to for help. I recommend Sean McKenzie without any reservation." ★★★★★" This is a great guy. He just won't give up even after showing me 10 apts already and finally things turned out I found my favorite. The apt is just amazing with 4 bds 1bth all brand new and only 3500 dollars/moth." ★★★★★"Sean is great at guiding people through the rental process. He is extremely responsive and is one of the few NY brokers I've met that puts the customer first and really tries to listen to what you want. He follows a rigorous process of reviewing a rental unit, discussing the pro's and con's, and then moving on to the next unit. The next unit that you see is based on the feedback you provide at the previous unit." ★★★★★"Sean was extremely helpful and kind. He spent the day taking my roommate and I to several locations, each time adjusting our search based on our feedback. He then promptly followed up on our visits with email suggestions and other options based on what we left off with the previous day. I strongly recommend him as he is very committed to helping his clients find a home, and is nothing but courteous and engaging along the way."
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