Randi Pollock
Specializing in Client Relationships

Ocean Ave, Ocean front, Sea Colony Santa Monica, Beach area SpecialistLicensed since August 1989 to presetRandi Pollock is truly dedicated to providing exceptional, professional and comprehensive real estate services to her valued clients. Through her in-depth knowledge and experience and as a specialist in the Greater Santa Monica, Venice and Marina Del Rey real estate market, you may trust in Randi's expertise and accurate assessment. Randi is dedicated and thrives at providing her clients with a truly impressive real estate experience serving and assisting her clients in completing their specific priorities and real estate goals, whatever they may be. At every interaction Randi works personally with each client and excels at providing market knowledge, insightful guidance and marketing applications that produce results. Sellers receive a creative and well-organized marketing strategy that maximizes their property's exposure to the most qualified buyers. In positioning a seller's home to stand out in the marketplace, she takes great care in clearly accentuating each property, focusing on the specific features. When working with buyers, Randi acts with diligence and dedication to find her clients their ideal property. She exhibits a fierce commitment to identifying just the right property for each buyer. Randi's applied expertise coupled with her resources includes facilitating her clients with each detail from arranging for their move to repairs, added landscaping, painted interiors and/or exteriors and access to a full array of craftsmen makes the transaction as smooth as possible.She truly cherishes the rich and personal interaction with each client and it is her style to go above and beyond to facilitate the task, that makes all the elements come together. Her immediate accessibility, and trusted council makes her invaluable to her clients. Randi ultimately ensures that each client receives outstanding guidance and exceptional representation in her efforts to accomplish and make their real estate dreams come true! Contact Randi to serve you and your personal real estate interests. 310 699-1050

Covered Areas

California , Santa Monica Marina Del Rey, Venice, Pacific Palisades, Culver City, Brentwood

Work Experiences
Beachfront Properties Inc at Coldwell Banker Realty
1989 - now

Seller Agent
Buyer Agent

Contact Info
1531 Montana Ave,Santa Monica, CA90403
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