Age of the iBuyer: How to Stand Out to the Consumer and Stop Letting Big Tech Take Your Coin!

The only thing that hurts more than seeing someone in our database choose to work with another agent is seeing them opt to pay a 9% convenience fee to iBuyers when we’re debating dropping our commissions just to stay afloat. 


The reality is, tech companies are coming for our business, and getting results while doing it. What can traditional agents do to combat their attempts? Is there a way to beat them at their own game?


In this episode, we’re weighing in on how to not only survive, but thrive in a time when our biggest competitors are big tech companies. 


Three Things You’ll Learn in This Episode 


  • The approach we SHOULD be taking as traditional agents Is complaining about iBuyers really going to change the situation, or could we be doing something more productive, instead? 


  • How to become an educator to our markets Traditional agents might not be iBuyers, but we certainly understand their business models. What’s stopping us from using our knowledge to help the consumer navigate the space? 


  • The key to staying top of mind Big tech companies have massive marketing budgets. How can we compete with them and stay top of mind for our spheres?

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