Who pays the real estate agent's commission? Does the seller just include it in the final property price?

Most consumers who go through the buying process believe that the commission is paid by the seller, which is typically 2.5 percent of the purchase price.

They don't pause to consider that the commission is simply added to the overall sale price of the property.

Is it feasible that the seller is just paying the commission without considering where the money will come from?

In actuality, you, the buyer, will pay a percentage of this fee as part of the purchase price.

The realtor on the seller's side and our commission on the buyer's side will then be released once the deal is completed.

This is where our concept differs from the traditional real estate system.

We will repay that commission to you using our pay-as-you-go mechanism.

That is, we will return the 2.5 percent fee to you, and the total amount you pay for our services will be the same as shown in the table above.

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Most individuals believe that there is only one way to buy a home and one type of realtor.

They have an acquaintance, a family friend, or a church member who is a realtor.

The seller is expected to pay them 2.5 percent of the home's value to assist you in purchasing it.

This is an antiquated paradigm, and although we understand that you want to retain your hard-earned money in your community, we believe it's time you have more bargaining power to lower the amount of commission you pay when you buy a property.

We'd like to welcome you to spend some time understanding the significant savings available with our 2.5 percent cashback offer.

You may be concerned if a lower-cost approach implies you will receive less services or if the procedure will limit the properties available for purchase.

Please read the following part to assist you understand the services that you will receive from our brokerage. We will break down the purchase process and help you comprehend each stage of the buying process.

If you are not certain that you will obtain the same services for less money, you are welcome to pay the standard 2.5 percent and we will give you with the same services.

We concentrate on efficiency by using our reward system.

We wish to show you residences that are of interest to you.

We don't want to waste your time showing you houses on which you are unlikely to make an offer.

This strategy drives both you and myself to focus on properties in which you have an investment.

That means that when you're ready to look at some houses, we'll be on the same page about how the property fits into your goals.

The third aspect is that when you ultimately make the buying choice, we will assist you regardless of the final price of the property. That means we have no motivation to persuade you to buy a high-priced house. We just aim to help you locate the ideal house within your price range.

The architecture of this model smoothly aligns your aim of saving time and money with our goal of saving time and growing profit.