Jake and Gino Multifamily Investing Entrepreneurs: RCRE - Take Control of Your Retirement with Brian Eastman

Dylan and Mike interview Brian Eastman, the principal and Sr. Consultant at Safeguard Advisors, LLC based in Boulder, Colorado.

Key Information:

70% of Brian’s clients use a Checkbook IRA

Checkbook IRA is a great tool for people who have existing retirement accounts

Checkbook IRA gives flexibility to invest in more than the stock market

Checkbook IRA you are the Fund Manager instead of paying a custodian

You can’t commingle the funds with your personal

Takes 3 weeks to setup an account, so be proactive and get it completed on the front-end

Make sure you feel comfortable with the self directed vehicle before you invest

Solo 401k good for self-employed people, with no employees, who can continue to contribute

Solo 401k you can contribute $63,500 in 2020


Expert Pro Tip: Talk to a handful of advisers, not sales pitches, when understanding self directed accounts


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