The buyers’ agents responsibilities

Some of the most important responsibilities of buyer’s agents

  • Help buyers find good sources of mortgages
  • By showing active, contracted, or recently sold properties that meet the criteria of buyers gives them an understanding of the market
  • Make an appointment to visit the house
  • Advises buyers about the potential for home resale
  • It Helps buyers analyse the price and value of a home before making an offer
  • Explain the standard offer form
  • Recommend trusted home inspectors and suggest additional inspections if they feel these are necessary
  • attend inspection home tours and help analyse inspection issues
  • help the buyer in reading necessary documents like HOA agreement, title commitments, etc
  • The buyer’s agents form the relationship between the lender, title officer, seller, and buyer so that there are no surprises at the closing table
  • Monitor loan commitment so that buyer’s capital is not endangered (for example, with a large purchase just before closing)
  • checking the buyer's correct documents

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