What costs does Loss in use insurance cover?

Loss of use coverage is typically built into your insurance policy. While there are limits to what and how much your insurance provider will reimburse. Here are some examples of expenses that loss of use coverage would help you pay for:

  1. Temporary residence such as a hotel, motel, or apartment indeed, If you need to stay in a hotel or rent a furnished apartment, Loss in use insurance coverage will pay for the extra expense.
  2. Moving costs
  3. Residential utility costs. There are often extra expenses associated with suspending, moving, or canceling utility services. If you’re dealing with extra utility charges after an insured loss, you can claim some of them under loss of use coverage.
  4. Storage costs for household items
  5. Food. Your food costs might increase when you’ve stuck away from home, too. If you’re staying in a hotel without a kitchen, ordering food every night gets expensive, fast.
  6. Laundry expenses
  7. Transportation fees
  8. Parking fees
  9. Pet boarding