Platforms To Build A Real Estate Social Network


Long gone are the day when you had to use old-school marketing techniques to generate leads and do more business! With the advancement in technology, many real estate agents rely on the digitalization of technology to generate leads on auto-pilot, make follow-ups, and maintain relationships. Building a strong real estate social network is the top one of them! 

Utilizing a real estate social network to grow your career is vital, but choosing which platform to use to advertise your company can be challenging. Knowing which platforms to use is crucial if you want to implement a successful social media strategy.  Let’s discuss the best social media channels for marketing your real estate company.

Growing A Real Estate Social Network

Nowadays, prospects looking for a house to buy browse the internet to look for available properties and expert real estate agents. You’re already familiar with this if you work in real estate. If you’re reading this article, you probably want to know how to maximize social media for your real estate business. The key to increasing the visibility of your real estate business online is to get the most out of your digital interactions with your clients, prospective clients, and other users. You are developing leads that will eventually result in a closed deal. Real estate agents can more easily identify their target market on social media and build enduring, long-term relationships with them. 

Recent research conducted by the National Association of Realtors examined the use of social media by its members as a sales and deal-closing tool. It claims that generating real estate leads and closing deals now depend heavily on social media. 99% of millennials look online before looking at actual listings when looking for a home. Similarly,  77% of real estate agents use social media to conduct business. 

Here is a list of the Top 5 Platforms To Build A Real Estate Social Network


1- Facebook

Facebook is a top real estate social network that plays a great role in attracting leads and advertising your business. There are several ways real estate agents can use Facebook to their advantage, which include Facebook Ads, Facebook Marketplace, Facebook Messenger, and Facebook Groups. According to NAR, 97% of real estate agents use Facebook. 

With Facebook Ads, you can specify a specific mile radius for your target audience. The first aspect of targeting for real estate ads should be based on location. You can target people on Facebook precisely through a specific ZIP code.  you can then add demographic filters such as age, income, etc. Additionally, you can use carousel ads that feature a collection of pictures of the house’s various rooms. This will help potential buyers determine their interest in the home and ultimately click on the ad that leads to your website. 

Facebook Messenger is a fantastic tool for fostering communication with neighbours. Do you notice that people are reluctant to share their phone numbers and email? Given that it requires fewer details from them up front, talking to people on Messenger might be a simpler first step. Facebook Messenger can be used for free or with paid advertisements.

The most popular use of Facebook Marketplace is to buy and sell local products that can be picked up. However, it’s also a prime hub for real estate listings.  Both homes for sale and rental property are available in two separate areas of Facebook Marketplace. Use listings that are mobile-friendly to reach people who are on the go. Provide pertinent property information, such as the type of housing, cost, and the number of rooms and bathrooms.

Platforms To Build A Real Estate Social Network
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